My Meal Plan will provide you with the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats for optimum health and performance

Rather than focusing on cutting out your favourite foods, My Meal Plan will introduce you to some delicious healthy ingredients to add to your diet. 


A portion of starchy carbohydrates (wholegrains, root vegetables, pulses) should be included in a meal. Not only are they a valuable source of nutrients such as zinc, B vitamins, magnesium but they are also the body’s preferred slow releasing fuel for energy and brain function. Even if your aim is weight loss it is important to include some starchy carbohydrates in your Meal Plan. 


My Meal Plan focuses on good sources of protein. Protein not only helps to balance blood sugar levels which sustains energy but also encourages fat to be burnt as a fuel. If physical performance is your aim then protein is also essential for building and repairing muscle. Don’t forget the more muscle mass you have the faster your metabolism and ability to burn calories!


Fats are often blamed for causing heart disease and obesity. Although saturated fats in excess can be bad, the essential fats omega 3 & 6 found in nuts, seeds and oily fish are vital to our well being. As well as supporting brain function, hormone balance and cardiovascular health, essential fats also improve digestive function and boost metabolism, making them an important part of My Meal Plan.

Vitamins & Minerals

All natural foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. A complex mixture of these nutrients is needed for the body to function properly. Through incorporating a large variety of foods My Meal Plan will ensure that you are optimally nourished. 

Calorie Control

Balancing calorie intake with energy output is the basic formula for achieving weight control and fitness. My Meal Plan will recommend a suitable number of calories spread across the day to match your lifestyle and targets.

Food You Like

My Meal Plan respects your personal food choices and will give you a Meal Plan that you can enjoy. The flexibility of the Meal Plan allows all dietary requirements to be catered for as well as introducing you to some delicious foods.