Reach your Health and Fitness Targets with My Meal Plan

Be inspired  to rediscover a passion for food and make permanent changes that will improve the health and well being of you and your  family.

Food for Fitness

It is difficult to achieve your fitness targets without a supporting diet. To reach your goals My Meal Plan will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maximise performance.

Food for Weight Control

A lot of us struggle with weight control and have tried many different strategies with varied success. My Meal Plan is not only designed to help you achieve your short term goals buts also as a sustainable diet for long term health.

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What Client’s Say

I was amazed how well and energised I felt after following My Meal Plan for just 2 weeks. I plan to continue for ever!
The recipes are all very quick and easy with readily available ingredients but oh so tasty!
You don’t need to be clever or strong willed to lose weight, you just need to know what to do. With a plan in place sensible weight loss is simple.
I have particularly benefited from the introduction to new types of cooking and as a vegetarian learnt how to balance my diet
Diana’s recipes and expert nutritional insight have revolutionised my eating habits enabling me to manage my weight and importantly my energy levels.
The food is so flavoursome and tasty that the portion size doesn’t seem so important and I have discovered that I like far more foods than I thought I did.